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Charlotte’s life update

October 12, 2016 |

Hi there, it’s me Charlotte. After a year of absence I have come back from the dead to give you a little update. A lot has happened in the past year. I have graduated, moved in with my boyfriend, went to cookery school, landed a job in a vegetarian restaurant, struggled with my health and even bought a house.… Needles to say I’’ve had a lot on my plate.
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Review: Lush Silky Underwear

August 12, 2015 |

A few months ago, I purchased this little bottle from Lush. I bought it out of pure curiosity. It is called Sliky Underwear and comes in the same packaging as their little showergels. Silky Underwear is a dusting powder. What is a dusting powder you ask? Well, you can think of it as being like a luxurious, better smelling but far more expensive version of a baby powder.

Silky Underwear consists mainly of cornstarch, kaolin and tiny ground up pieces of cocoa butter for moisture. It is scented with vetivert and jasmin absolue and shares its scent with the Fairy Ring soap from the christmas collection. I’ve fallen in love with this scent after using Fairy Ring for the first time.

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Review: Dr. Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub

August 5, 2015 |

So far, I’ve purchased three products by Dr. Organic: the Tea Tree Face Wash, the Olive Oil Face Mask and the Vitamin E Body Butter. After being really impressed with the quality of all three products, I wanted to try some more. Since I ran out of my usual vegan face scrub a while ago (I used to use Let The Good Times Roll by Lush), I opted for the Rose Otto Face Scrub. It claims to be an anti-aging, cleansing exfoliant that leaves the skin toned, rejuvenated and nourished. Let’s see if it lived up to my high expectations… Read More

Podcast advice

August 3, 2015 |

Podcasts have been enriching the otherwise silent and boring moments in my life for years now. I listen to them when I am on the train, when I am walking, when I am cleaning,… They make my otherwise boring tasks go by faster and prevent my mind from getting numb while doing them. When I first started listening to podcasts, I had my brother, who was already into podcasts, give me recommendations. I would not have known where to start without his advice. I therefore thought it might be interesting for me to share my favorites with you. Read More

Review: The Oh She Glows Cookbook

August 1, 2015 |

Today I will be reviewing a cookbook that every vegan in the world should own: The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon. If you are not familiar with this cookbook, you might know Angela from her famous blog that shares the same name: Oh She Glows. The blog and the cookbook focus on healthy vegan wholesome foods. I’ve had this book for about a month now and after trying thirteen recipes, I am ready to give my opinion about it. The good and the bad, here we go. Read More

What I have been up to…

July 28, 2015 |

Hi there readers. You may have noticed the spiderwebs and dust gathering on Black-Luck lately. It is true, I have been MIA for a while now. I am one bad blogger! The truth is that my life has taken a hectic turn lately. Let me explain.. Read More