20 Items on my Vegan Makeup Wishlist

Ever since I got into vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, I’ve been discovering so many awesome products that I would never have even known if I kept on buying non vegan products. I love that. In fact, there are so many cruelty free brands that make insanely beautiful cosmetics, that my wishlist has been growing exponentially. I present to you twenty makeup products that tickle my animal loving fancy.

1. Lily Lolo – Laid Bare Eye Palette (25,00 EUR)
I’ve read some amazing reviews about this palette (like this one) that made me fall for its beauty. Lily Lolo is such a classy brand and the fact that they came out with a beautiful vegan eye shadow palette like this makes me love them even more.

2. Barry M – Natural Glow 2 Eyeshadow Palette (10,00 EUR)
After my good experience with the original Natural Glow palette by Barry M, I really want to give the sequel a go as well. The shades of this one are warmer than those of the original and it contains an eye shadow primer. Interesting!

3. Pacifica – Supernatural Eye Shadow Palette (17,00 EUR)
Pacifica is one of the vegan cosmetics brands that speaks to me the most. I already own a perfume by them, but have never tried one of their makeup products before. This eye shadow palette seems like a good place to start.

4. Sleek – I-Devine Palette in Au Naturel (11,00 EUR)
I used to have quite a few of the I-Devine palettes by Sleek. I had been really happy with the quality of the eye shadows, but they weren’t vegan so I gave them away. I now have my eye on a I-Devine palette that is vegan: Au Naturel. It is a neutral palette with a few stand out shades (like a beautiful pale pink and some aubergine shades). I am pretty sure that I would use this one a LOT.

5. Soap & Glory – Love At First Blush (13,50 EUR)
Oh, how I regret not picking this one up when I was in London last year… The packaging looks beautiful and the actual blush looks amazing as well. I guess that I am going to have wait another year (or two)…

6. GOSH – Giant Blush (8,50 EUR)
It is so exciting to finally see GOSH come out with vegan blushes. These look so cool and I can’t wait to try them out. The only problem is that GOSH seems to be disappearing in Belgium. Stores that used to stock it now simply don’t sell GOSH anymore entirely or they only have a little amount of their products left. I therefore can’t seem to get my hands on these. A real warrior never gives up though so I will keep on looking for larger GOSH counters in order to hunt these babes down. From what I’ve read, they seem worth it.

7 & 8. OCC – Tinted Moisturizer (28,60 EUR) and Skin Conceal (19,30 EUR)
I have been eyeing these ever since I went vegan. It is pretty rare to find such pale foundations and concealers anyway, but finding vegan versions of them seems to be a godsend. The only thing that has been keeping me back from taking the plunge is the steep price.

9 & 10. E.L.F – Mineral pressed blush and bronzer (6,00 EUR each)
E.L.F fairly recently came out with some awesome looking pressed blushes and bronzers. Apparently they are very well pigmented and easy to use. I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something about these that really, really excites me.


11. Lime Crime – Velvetines (17,50 EUR)
Vegan lip products seem to be my main focus at the moment. My lip collection has gotten so small since I got rid of all non vegan items, that I now have a hole to fill. The Velvetines by Lime Crime is a collection of very pigmented matte lipsticks that don’t go anywhere once dry. The color selection of these is very vivid and bright.

12. Pacifica – Devocean Natural Lipstick (12,50 EUR)
These new lipsticks are supposed to be very hydrating, creamy and pigmented. I can’t wait for Naturisimo (a webshop with free shipping) to stock up on them, so that I can too.

13. Lime Crime – Carousel Gloss (15,00 EUR)
More Lime Crime! These lip glosses are such a treat for the eye. The packaging is beautiful and the gloss itself is very sprarkly and pigmented.

14. Too Faced – Melted Liquid Lipstick (27,00 EUR)
If these weren’t so freaking expensive, I probably would have a few of these long-wearing lipsticks already. The price is such a bummer because they look amazing.

15. Lime Crime – Unicorn Lipstick (16,50 EUR)
Even more Lime Crime! They really seem to knock it out of the park with their packaging. A vegan unicorn lipstick? Damn, I really have to place a Lime Crime order now.

16. OCC -Lip Tar (17,40 EUR)
The Lip Tars by OCC are such a raved about product. You can wear them on them own or mix them together to create your own custom shade. I am really curious about these.

17. Barry M – Gelly Hi-Shine Lips (6,50 EUR)
This list would not be complete without some budget lip options. The Barry M Hi-Shine Lips are glossy lipcrayons that are supposed to hydrate and be very pigmented. I find this an interesting product mainly because of its pencil form.

18. Too Faced – La Creme Lipstick (25,50 EUR)
Another great release by Too Faced. This is probably the one lip product that I want the most. They just seem like the perfect lipstick to me. I wish they were more affordable though.

19. Sleek – Matte Me (7,50 EUR)
The Matte Me lipsticks by Sleek have the same concept as the Velvetines by Lime Crime. The only obvious difference is the pricing. These are so much more affordable and seem like a great alternative.

20. Lippy Girl (15,00 EUR)
The Lippy Girl lipsticks are organic and contain only natural mineral pigments, the lipstick bullets are recyclable and they are gluten free. This makes them stand out from the other vegan lip options. Other than that, the color selection is really good, it contains very neutral and wearable shades, but also a crazy vivid purple.

All products mentioned in this post are vegan and cruelty free.


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