Charlotte’s life update

Hi there, it’s me Charlotte. After a year of absence I have come back from the dead to give you a little update. A lot has happened in the past year. I have graduated, moved in with my boyfriend, went to cookery school, landed a job in a vegetarian restaurant, struggled with my health and even bought a house.… Needles to say I’’ve had a lot on my plate.

With all these changes going on I’ have totally neglected my once beloved little beauty blog.

Now you may be wondering what my long term plan with Black-Luck is and the truth is that I don’’t really have an answer to give. In the past year or so I’ noticed that my interest in beauty products has decreased and made way for more cooking projects and an interest in minimal living which counters my interest in buying and reviewing beauty products. Struggling with my health has also taken up a lot of my attention and took my focus away from blogging and social media.

To top all this off, the server of Black-Luck has been a total pain in the ass, presenting me with technical issues that were way over my head. This meant that for some mysterious reason a ‘page not found’ screen popped up when clicked on a lot of my articles. What a bummer… Anyway, finaly changing servers should have fixed this problem now. Good news at last!

The past has thought me that blogging (for me that is) is something that happens in waves. I can feel inspired to write several posts in the same month, and the next month will bring nothing unless I force myself. Making schedules to keep with a one-post-a-week or one-post-a-month routine also does not work for me. Blogging should be fun and not feel like a task, right?

All of this means that I have to switch things up here. Limiting myself to writing about beauty products is not inspiring me enough to regularly write posts, so want to write about whatever I feel like writing about. Whether that be veganism, a good book, a recipe, a lifestyle thing or a cosmetics product. So you can expect to see some new articles popping up in the near future.

Your absent friend Charlotte

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