December Favorites

It has been ages since I have done a favorites of the month article, so I decided it was about time for an update. Those of you that have been following me on Instagram (my username there is blackluckblog) should have noticed that I have gotten really into Lush lately. Their scents, skin care innovations and clear stand against animal testing have sucked me right in and I have become a bit of a hoarder. Because of that, my current favorites might include a bit of a Lush overload (just warning you). Other than that, I have become more into cooking thanks to a certain cookbook, but more on that later. Let’s get on to my favorites of december.

Recently, Lush came out with six new solid shampoo bars. They are supposed to be more nourishing than the old ones. Lullaby is one of those new shampoo bars and is targeted specifically towards people with a sensitive scalp. It contains camomile, oat milk and lavender and smells like the other products from the dream line (like Dream Cream, Dream Time and Dream Wash).

I find this shampoo to be more gentle than any other shampoo I have ever tried from Lush. It really helps to soothe my scalp and leaves it feeling more healthy. What I also really love about Lullaby (and all other Lush Shampoo Bars) is how cost efficient it is. One shampoo bar will give you as many washes as three 250 ml bottles would. A pretty good deal if you ask me… Their solid format make solid shampoo bars really good to travel with. It is so nice to replace a big bottle of shampoo with this tiny thing.

Dream Time Temple Balm is similarly scented to Lullaby. I got this product in my lovely Lush Spa Gift Set. It is formulated to help you relax and ease your mind. You are supposed to apply it on pressure points like your neck, wrists and temples. I do this right before before bedtime and I love it. I find that with repeating this every night, I associate the scent of lavender and camomile with sleep and that helps my brain get into sleep-mode quicker. I would definitely recommend this product for people with mild insomnia. It might not be THE solution, but it could help.

This is the foundation that I have been using for the past few months: Gosh X-Ceptional Wear in Porcelain. What I love about this foundation is how it covers the skin evenly with just a small amount of product. I am so happy that I found a good and reliable vegan foundation that I can easily get my hands on in drugstores in my region.

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Back to Lush now. I was completely gobsmacked with the Christmas collection from Lush this year. They really stepped up their game and came out with some amazing bath and shower products. I have many favorites among the Christmas collection like Yog Nog, Snowman Shower Jelly and Gold fun, but my absolute favorite of the moment is So White Shower Gel. It is a creamy apple, bergamot and neroli scented shower gel with tiny silver glitters in it. The ‘gel’ is pretty liquid-y but when used with a loofah creates plenty of lather. The scent is lovely and refreshing and would work throughout the whole year, morning an evening. I really hope that they don’t pull a Ponche with this one (Ponche was an amazing orange shower gel from previous Christmas collections that had sadly disappeared this year) and bring this babe back for many years to come.

The last Lush product to make it to the list (I promise!) is Kalamazoo Beard & Facewash. This is also a pretty new product from Lush that I only recently got my hands on. It is a thick creamy paste that doesn’t lather when it comes in contact with water. It can be used as a beardwash, but since I don’t have a beard I use this product as a face wash. It is creamy, feels moisturizing and leaves my skin just the right amount of clean (clean but not squeaky clean). The scent of this is a bit masculine, you could compare it to the  Olive Branch Shower Gel in a way. The scent kind of reminds me of my boyfriend which is pretty comforting. I love the fact that this product doesn’t contain scrubby bits and pieces like other Lush face cleansers do (except for Aqua Marina). Kalamazoo also has a much longer life span than other Lush face cleansers, this one stays fresh for a year instead of a mere three months.

Mediterranean Fig Perfume by Pacifica has been my signature scent for the previous few months. I would describe it as warm, earthy and unisex. It contains Sweet Fig, Palm, Clove and Sandalwood which makes it fruity but still quite heavy and woodsy. It is a very unique scent that you really need to smell before buying. The scent is not too strong or overpowering, so it is perfect for everyday.

Next in line is a bit of an unexpected product: it’s a toothbrush. And not just a toothbrush, Hydro Phil Bamboo Toothbrush is 100% biodegradable and 100% cruelty free (hipster overload). I say out with the plastic, in with the bamboo!

Last but not least I wanted to include a non-beauty but still very vegan item: The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions: Veganize it! by Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman. This book offers detailed explanations on how to transform ‘normal’ recipes into vegan recipes by replacing all animal ingredients by its vegan counterparts. Other than that the book also contains a ton of original recipes like how to make your own vegan butter, milk, yoghurt or fancy vegan dinners like Denver-quiche, portobello steak and artichoke pie. I have tried out multiple of the recipes and am so far really happy with how my meals turned out. This book inspired me so much to make my breakfast, diner and lunch all the more interesting.

All products featured in this post are vegan and cruelty free.



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