Double Lush Review: Daddy-O and Sea Spray

Since I’ve been having a huge Lush-crush lately, I thought I would do a double review. Today I will be focusing on two of their hair products: Daddy-O and Sea Spray. Both products initially won me over with their amazing scents but after testing them for a while, I do have a few things to say about these other than their striking fragrance.


Purple shampoos like Daddy-O act as a toner and are perfect to cancel out yellow tones in blond locks (I personally dye my hair dark red, so I can’t really comment on this). Daddy-O is also supposed to add shine to all the different hair colors out there.

First of all, I love the violet candy scent of this products, and yes, it lingers. A downside to the amazing scent is that the perfume can irritate sensitive scalps, so be aware. I tend to just wash the bottom parts of my hair with it.

Daddy-O does a great job at thoroughly cleansing your hair. I therefore think that this product would be best suited for people with normal to greasy hair.

Daddy-O lathers very well, so a little goes a long way. It creates a fun lilac foam (don’t worry, it won’t leave you with a lilac shower).

– Scent that lingers
– Makes my hair feel soft
– Fun product (pretty purple color creating lilac foam)
– Suitable for blondes
– Lush has amazing brand ethics and works with mostly natural ingredients

– Might irritate people with a really sensitive scalp due to amount of perfume
– Somewhat overpriced
– Can be a little drying

Sea Spray

For those of you who don’t know, a sea spray (also called a beach or surf spray) is a hair mist that typically contains a ton of sea salt. It is supposed to add volume and create that messy, nonchalant and slightly wavy hair-look that you get after a nice swim in the ocean. Sea Spray by Lush smells fresh, citrus-y and energizing.

The spray pump of this product is a bit of a fail. It doesn’t create that soft mist that you would want it to, so you are better off spraying it in the palm of your hands first, and then distributing it onto your hair.

I find that this product works best if you really take your time to work it in, especially if you have heavy hair. Sea Spray really adds shine to my hair, something I didn’t expect cialis in griechenland kaufen.

This product only comes in one size (100 grams) but I’ve had mine for quite a long time now and have used very little product (despite using it about every other day),so one bottle will last a long long time.

– Lovely energizing scent
– Adds volume
– Adds shine
– A little goes a long way
– Lush has amazing brand ethics and works with mostly natural ingredients

– A bit overpriced
– Results aren’t as spectacular as you might want them to be
– Spray pump doesn’t spray the way it should

You can buy both of these products at Lush stores. Sea Spray costs €17,95 / 100g and Daddy-O costs €9,10 / 100g, €17,75 / 250g and €26,40 / 500g.
All products featured in this post are vegan and cruelty free. 

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