Favorites of June, the vegan edition

Oh yes, finally a new post! I have indeed been a bad blogger. My excuse: I had an exhibition this month that required my full attention. The good news: it is now rounded up so I can go back to my usual sporadic blogging ways. My first post-stress article will be a chit-chat about my favorites of the month. It will feature only vegan products.

When it comes to cheeks, E.L.F (Studio) and Sleek do some great blushes. If you want a wallet-friendly everyday blush, E.LF. is your way to go. The blushes are nicely pigmented and easy to wear. They have neutral tones, warm or cool blushes and even a pretty highlighter. My favorite E.LF. blush is Passion Pink. I am a total sucker for bright pink blushes like that.

The Sleek blushes are different from the E.L.F. blushes because they are insanely pigmented. One touch and you are done. You have to be careful with these blushes. They can be OTT. Using the right brush with these is a definite must. One that works well for me is the E.L.F small stipple brush. Touch, tap and blush.

On to skincare. I have two solutions for dry patches on my body. I either use pure shea butter, or go for Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Oil. Both work like a charm.

Lush Dream Cream is my most recent purchase of the bunch. A review of this will follow. It is a light bodylotion. A lot of people seem to hate the scent of this one, but I really like it. Am I weird? It smells like lavender to me and I like to use it just before bedtime. An older Lush product is Snow Fairy. With Snow Fairy it is all about the scent. People seem to either love it or be nauseated by it. I am happy to be part of the first category.

To keep the scent theme going, I have two more perfume-y products for you. They are from the Thé Vert line by Yves Rocher. I have the ‘Eau De Colonge Spray’ and the showergel. This a very fresh summer scent. I use the spray like a body splash. NOTE: According to Peta, Yves Rocher tests on animals, so I can’t really call this a ‘vegan’ favorite.

I am playing with the idea to do more articles featuring vegan beautyproducts. My idea is to a series where I find vegan dupes for popular beautyproducts and compare the two side by side. Is this something that you would want to see? Suggestions are welcome. Have a nice day!

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