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Lush Bath Bomb and Bubble Bar Collection

To say that I really like Lush would be an understatement. Lush is by far my favorite brand when it comes to shower and bath products. Their shower gels in particular have a special place in my heart. Lush has so many interesting and innovative products that have the ability to drastically change your skin care routine. To me Lush is the queen (king?) of pampering. Today I will show you all my bath bombs and bubble bars. I started collecting them about a year ago and now have an entire drawer dedicated to them.

As you can tell by the pictures I like to wrap my bath products in wrapping film cialis aus eu. I do this so that the product can contain its scent. I store them in a drawer to keep them from discoloring as well. That way I can enjoy the freshness of the products for longer. I used to store my bath bombs ‘naked’ and found they didn’t fizz properly after a while.

1. Golden Slumbers – This is originally a Lush Kitchen item. I got it in the Spa Gift Set. It contains a lot of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood and is made to relax and soothe you and your skin.

2. Father Christmas – I’ve tried this bath bomb from the Christmas line a couple of years ago and really liked it. Its center is bright green and I remember that my skin felt nice and soft after using it. It used to smell completely different though. I don’t know what it smelled like excactly, but it was a fresh scent. This year Father Christmas smells like Snow Fairy shower gel which is like the sweetest candy scent you can possibly imagine.

3. Cinders – This one I’ve repurchased for a couple of years now. It comes out every Christmas. The main reason why I like it is its scent. I would describe it as cinnamon heaven. Perfect for cold winter days. It is a smaller bath bomb, but the scent is so potent that a cinders in the same size as the regular bath bombs would be overkill.

4. Northern Lights – I really loved the Halloween collection this year and since Northern Lights was part of it, I decided to purchase one. I haven’t used it to this day. It smells like the popular Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. I’ve seen many Instagram demos on this bath bomb and it looks really beautiful. Go search it on YouTube or Instagram if you want to see what it is like.

5. Granny Takes A Dip – This bath bomb looks so cool! Almost psychedelic. It smells like ginger, pepper and lemon. It kind of reminds me of the Lord Of Misrule scent. This must be because of the pepper. This is a product from the permanent line.

6. Golden Wonder – Ok, so I have three  of these bath bombs left because I own the awesome body lotion,called Celebrate, that goes along with it. I love matching my body lotions with my bath bombs. The scent of this mini gift is wonderful. It smells like orange flower, cognac and lime. It is a very unique and deep citrus scent. Golden wonder has a blue center and creates ocean-like blue/green water with lots of lustre. Golden Wonder is part of the Christmas line.

7. Lord Of Misrule – This is my absolute favorite bath bomb. It is a limited edition product from the Halloween line. The patchouli and black pepper scent is absolutely intoxicating to me and I wish I had way more of these. The center of LOM is a very deep red and it creates silky red bath water. It is like bathing in blood but in the best possible way.

Now on to my bubble bars. You are supposed to cut or a break a chunk off these and crumble them under running water. The water pressure then creates lots of bubbles. They are like a solid version of bath foam. I really love Lush bubble bars because they are usually more moisturizing than bath bombs and you can use a bubble bar multiple times, making them more budget friendly.

8. Sparkly Pumpkin – This is another product from the Halloween line. It shares its scent with the fresh Mr Punch scent (this is a LE soap from previous years). I bought it mainly because I really liked the look of it.

9. Unicorn Horn – This is a product from the 2015 Valentines line. I saw it popping up on Instagram before it came out in the Valentines line and was always so fascinated by it. It looks so different than all the other Lush Bubble Bars, very cool. It smells like lavender, neroli and ylang ylang.

10. Rose Jam Bubbleroon – I’ve already used half of this bubbleroon and really liked it. It created lots of bubbles and the Rose Jam scent (roses, vanilla and lemon) was pretty strong. One of my favorites so far.

11. Heart Throb Bubbleroon – This is another product from the 2015 Valentines line. It consists of two bright red hearts stacked on top of each other with shea butter and gold lustre in the middle. It has the same mango, moringa and almond scent that the African Paradise body conditioner has.

12. A French Kiss – This is a product from the permanent Lush collection. It smells like lavender, rosemary and thyme. It creates purple water with lots of bubbles. I’ve purchased A French Kiss a couple of times now because I am such a sucker for lavender. I like this one a lot.

13. Holly Go Lightly – This huge bubble bar was also part of the Christmas line. I used to have two of these and already used one. It gave me about six baths. It smells like cinnamon and creates intensely green bath water.

14. Christmas Hedgehog – This is another product from the Christmas line.  It has the same scent as the Unicorn Horn bubble bar (lavender, neroli and ylang ylang). The minty blue layer on the hedgehog consists of cocoa and shea butter, so this should be a very moisturizing bubble bar.

So there you have it, my entire Lush bath bomb and bubble bar collection. I really like having these products around in case I want to take a luxurious and pampering bath. I plan on focusing more on bubble bars in stead of bath bombs in the future, because I get so much more uses out of them. I feel like my bath water isn’t complete without a fluffy layer of soft Lush-scented foam.

All products featured in this post are vegan and cruelty free.

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