Lush Spa Gift Set

Sometimes I buy something so great and beautiful that I simply must write about it. The Lush Spa giftset is one of those things. It is a beautiful reusable cardboard box containing two products from their permanent range and three exclusive spa products that you can’t find in regular Lush stores. One worth getting your hands on if you are into all things Lush, especially the soothing, will-make-you-fall-asleep type of Lush products.

This is what the box looks like, it originally comes with a red ribbon but when I first got it, I just could not contain myself and had to open the thing right away. Anyway, it comes all pretty with a bow, a bell and a nice card. Inside you find an envelope with seven art cards.

In the two top compartments of the box you find Therapy massage bar and The Comforter body scrub. Therapy is one of my favorite products from the permanent Lush line. It contains neroli and lavender oils so it puts you right to sleep. I find that the lovely scent of this one lingers quite a bit. What you do with a massage bar like this is you warm it up in your hands and rub the melted oil on your body for a massage or simply use the bar directly on your body and rub it in for a body moisturizer. From all of the Lush massage bars, I think that this one would appeal to most. It works like a charm.

I am less familiar with The Comforter body scrub. This a product that is used in Lush Spa’s in the Comforter treatment. What you are supposed to do is heat this baby au bain marie until it’s completely melted, massage it on your body and leave it on for about twenty minutes. Lush says to use the whole thing in one go, but only using it once feels like a bit of a waste to me. I plan on cutting it in half and using it twice. Unlike what the name suggests, The Comforter body scrub doesn’t have the popular blackcurrent scent that the actual Comforter bubble bar has. This one has a soft chocolaty scent to it. Since this is so different from all other Lush products, I am very curious about it. Lush should really consider releasing some body scrubs like these in their permanent line so that people don’t have to buy this whole gift set to get their hands on it.

Opening the two upper compartments reveals another selection of beautiful products. Dream Time temple balm is one of the more exclusive items from Lush that I had been eying for a while. It used to contain beeswax though, but now the beeswax is replaced by candelilla wax so jaj! This product contains a blend of essential oils like chamomile, lavender and sandelwood that are supposed to help you relax and sooth your skin. You are supposed to apply it on pressure points like your wrists, temples and neck. It shares its scent with the other products from the Lush dream-range (like Dream Cream, Dream Wash and Dream Time).

This product is absolutely perfect for me. I have a habit of applying lavender scented products on my wrists before bedtime to help me calm down. Dream Time temple balm is perfect for that. Ever since I got, I have kept it close to me to give it the occasional sniff. So nice and relaxing. I find that when I apply it on my neck, it also functions as a faint perfume so this is a definite must have if you are fan of the dream scent.

Another awesome addition to the Spa gift set is Golden Slumbers bath bomb. When I opened the Spa gift set for the first time, I got the most perfect whiff of lavender from this bomb. Golden Slumbers contains the same soothing blend of oils (lavender, chamomile and sandalwood) as the Dream Time temple balm. This bath bombs also contains actual pieces of lavender and is sprinkled with gold lustre, making it an absolute beauty. I plan on using this one on a very stressful night. Should do the trick.

The last product that this gift set has to offer is a permanent one, the Stepping Stone foot scrub. This a citrus scented scrub that is supposed to scrub away tough dead skin from your feet and leave them feeling all refreshed and happy. I have read a lot of pretty bad reviews about this product. People are saying that it melts away completely once it hits the water so it’s only good for one use. I have personally also experienced this with solid scrubs from Lush, especially their sugar scrub. A solution to this problem is to crumble the product completely before using it for the first time, save the crumbles in an empty pot and just take out what you need with each use (make sure your hands are dry when you do this).

Overall I am totally in love with this gift set. It contains some very intriguing products that are completely different from the permanent Lush range. The combination of the rare product selection and the beautiful reusable box makes this gift set an investment worth making and I would definitely recommend it if you want something a little different. Get it if you can!!

This gift set is vegan and cruelty free.
You can buy it here (it is often not in store though) for £29.95.

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