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Creating less waste

Since about half a year, I’ve become more aware of how much garbage I produce every week and have been feeling more and more motivated to decrease this amount. Today I wanted to start sharing my path towards creating less waste in the hope to inspire other people to follow.

Cutting down on plastic has been my main concern since plastic never fully biodegrades and is incredibly harmful for the planet. Here are ten easy changes I’ve made towards creating less (plastic) waste.


1. Going to the grocery stores with reusable bags.

I love the look and feel of canvas bags so I really like doing this. The only thing I have to do is to remember to bag my bag with more bags.

2. Getting a Brita filter.

Brita filters are still a chunk of plastic that needs to be thrown out after you’ve used it for one or two months, but it is better than buying all of your drinking water in plastic bottles. I used to drink directly from the tab until I asked my doctor to check my vitamins etc. and discovered that I had huge amounts of copper on my blood (due to drinking tab water from old water pipes). Now I avoid tab water and drink only filtered water from the Brita filter. I hope that a biodegradable water filter system will soon be invented. That would be perfect.

3. Buying a Sodastream.

I personally don’t love fizzy drinks, but my boyfriend likes his cola, so we invested in a Sodastream to avoid all those plastic Coca Cola bottles.

4. Using glass jars to store homemade goods.

Plastics are full of toxics that can leach into your foods and drinks, especially when heated or scratched. They don’t make for the best food containers. I prefer storing things like leftovers in glass jars.

5. Switching from tea bags to loose tea (tea bags also contain plastic).

I think that loose tea tastes better than tea bags, so this is an easy one.

6. Buying food in glass containers rather than plastic containers.

This not always possible, but when I see the same type of product packaged in a glass jar, I will buy that over the plastic packaged one.

7. Using produce bags for small vegetables instead of the plastic bags the supermarkets offer.

Produce bags are awesome. They don’t weigh a thing, you can buy them at many organic shops, they are cheap and they can be used over and over.

8. Avoiding disposable packaging by making simple things like cookies and dips yourself.

Making simple things from scratch is fun, healthier and avoids the plastic. You can easily make your own hummus, pesto, almond milk and orange juice and it generally makes you feel better about yourself.

9. Giving preference to naked cosmetics products instead of pots and bottles.

Lush sells naked products like shampoo bars, solid conditioners, a serum bar, solid face wash, massage bars (that you can use as a body lotion) and soaps without any plastic packaging. How great is that? If you like to keep things minimal, coconut oil is your friend.

10. Switching out my water bottle.

I recently purchased a plastic free Klean Kanteen water bottle and could not be happier with it. I now take it to work everyday where I would otherwise have to drink from the plastic water bottles they provide for us. I will be writing a full review of my Klean Kanteen bottle, so keep an eye out for that.

There are so many more things that I want to start doing in the future. I want to find a way to compost, get me some reusable makeup-removing wipes, find a better way to dispose of kitty litter, get more assertive about refusing the plastic offered to me,… So much more steps to make. I feel totally excited and motivated to find more solutions, to change my habits and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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