Review Beauty Without Cruelty Foundation in Sheer

After a little online window shopping, I got intrigued by this brand called Beauty Without Cruelty. The brand offers fragrance-and-paraben free makeup products. Prices vary between seven and sixteen Euro. A product that caught my eye in particular was their Natural Liquid Foundation in Sheer. It seemed like the perfect color match for me and the ingredients looked very promising. It contains jojoba and avocado oil and is supposed to be lightweight and moisturizing.

My first reaction when I got this product was: ‘Damn, this foundation won’t last me a long time, it’s tiny!’ You only get 15 ml of product, a very small amount for a foundation. It seems like a travel size to me. When I swatched the product, the color impressed me a lot. Perfect for pale girls. No need to mix in with a white foundation here. When applied, you get a light to medium coverage.

The problem that I have with this foundation (apart from it’s size) is that it shifts. You can even tell from the swatch above that some of the liquid has separated form the cream parts. I feel like it is rather hard to apply this evenly and when you do, it has a tendency to break up into tiny clusters of products. Especially if you go in with cream blush or cream contour products afterwards. Maybe I got an old or faulty foundation or something, but I wasn’t too happy about that.

The foundation does do a good job at evening out the skin-tone and reducing some redness. I also like the sheer coverage.

No makeup,                                                                                             With BWC Foundation in Sheer

This product is vegan and cruelty free.
You can buy the Natural Liquid Foundation by Beauty Without Cruelty at Naturisimo for 14,30 EUR.


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