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Review: Dr. Organic Virgin Olive Oil Face Mask

With the cold weather from the past few months making my skin terribly dry and rough, I decided that a few adjustments to my skin care routine were in order. A new face mask was one of those. Because I wanted something that was moisturizing as well as purifying, I opted for the Dr. Organic Virgin Organic Olive Oil Face Mask. It claims to be deep cleansing and detoxifying as well as deeply hydrating. Here are my thoughts on it.

The mask contains olive oil, shea butter and coco butter to moisturize and china clay (=kaolin) and white clay mineral to purify. It comes in a simple squeeze tube with attractive graphics. You are supposed to use this mask twice a week and leave it on for about ten minutes.

The Virgin Olive Oil Face Mask is a smooth white cream that spreads easily on the skin. It is not as thick as most other clay-based masks are. It smells very plant-like and green. The scent reminds me of the Sea Spray scent by Lush.

Because of the clay in it, this is one of those masks that dries and hardens on your skin. It takes a little over ten minutes to do so, so I tend to leave it on for longer than the recommended time. I find that the product washes off best with the aid of a wash cloth.

I am super impressed by what this mask does to my skin. Even when my skin is rough as sandpaper, it still leaves it feeling smooth and soft. My pores look a lot more pure after using it as well. I find that this is the perfect mask to use when I have been neglecting my skincare for some reason, like after a festival or something. It improves the skin’s condition rapidly.

The only disappointment that I had with the Virgin Olive Oil Face Mask is that it isn’t as hydrating as I want it to be. It leaves a moisturizing layer behind after you take it off, and definitely doesn’t dry the skin, but it isn’t as ‘deeply hydrating’ as I hoped it to be.

Overall, I am really impressed by this mask, especially by its cleansing abilities. This is the first mask that I’ve ever tried that cleanses the skin so well without being harsh or drying. The quality of this mask is really good, and to me it is definitely worth the price.

So far I’ve tried two products by Dr. Organic: this face mask and the Tea Tree Face Wash. I was impressed by the quality of both. This makes me want to look into their other products as well to see if I can find more hidden treasures like this. Have any of you ever tried a Dr. Organic product? I would love to know your experiences and recommendations.

You can buy the Dr. Organic Virgin Olive Oil Face Mask for around 9,00 EUR here.
The product featured in this post is vegan and cruelty free.

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