Review: e.l.f. Essential Lipstick

Other vegan makeup junkies may agree with me that finding a vegan budget lipstick can be quite challenging. I therefore really wanted to test the lipsticks from the essential line by e.l.f. as they are the cheapest option. But priced at only one euro, can these lipsticks really be any good?

First thing’s first: the packaging. I really don’t like it. The silver bullet looks cheap, the twist up system doesn’t work properly and the lipsticks feel like they could break any minute. I know that you can’t expect luxury from a one euro product, but this packaging is just not doing it for me. One other thing that I really dislike about these is the scent. They smell overly sweet and chemical. If you are sensitive to scents like that, you won’t like these.

To my surprise, the pigmentation of these lipsticks is pretty good. I especially like that berry color (called Posh), very pretty. The pigmentation isn’t fully opaque but definitely workable. The lipsticks feel quite soft and creamy.

On the lips they last for a decent amount of time. I did find a difference in quality between the two lipsticks. Fearless (the red one) starts creeping in the corners of my mouth after about an hour of wearing it. Not a good look. The color holds up pretty well though and it takes about two hours until reapplication is necessary. Posh on the other hand doesn’t go in the corners of my month and holds up a bit better. It even stains my lips a little which I really like.

All in all I think that this is a good product mainly for its pigmentation. The small price makes it possible to experiment with different colors and find out what looks good on you. The scent and packaging are bit of a bummer but I blame the cheap price for that. If you want better packaging and scent, you are better off looking into the somewhat more expensive (but still affordable) studio and mineral lipsticks from e.l.f..

You can buy the e.l.f. Essential Lipsticks here for 1,00 €.
The products featured in this post are vegan and cruelty free.

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