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Review: Lush Kerbside Violet

When it comes to beauty, March has been the month of Lush perfumes for me. I purchased three fine specimens and fell for each of them (you can read my review of Sun Perfume here). Kerbside Violet was my first purchase this month and also my first ever liquid Lush perfume. It smells like violets, jasmine, ylang ylang and rosewood. Kerbside Violet is one of the three new fragrances to be released in stores this month, along with All Good Things and Death And Decay. 

Kerbside Violet is a green liquid that comes in a glass bottle with a pretty flower design. When you fist pray it, you get a powerful sharp blast of a very plant-like fragrance. It is almost overwhelming. Today my brother ever so elegantly described it as ‘violets with a hint of urine’. Classy! Maybe he is referring to the jasmine?

After a few minutes, the scent softens up, becomes sweeter and the beautiful violets make an appearance. When the perfume wears off, it becomes more powdery and a soft rosewood scent is what remains. Because there is something a little heavy about it, I would classify it as more of an evening scent.

I’ve also tried the solid version version of Kerbside Violet (I tried one of the testers in the store) and I find that that one wears completely differently. All of the different layers are mixed in from the get-go, so you don’t get that sharp scent in the beginning. making the solid version easier to wear.  

Kerbside Violet stays on my skin for a really long time, almost an entire day. The sillage (= the aura of the perfume or in other words how far away from the skin you can smell the perfume) is very good. Because the perfume is pretty strong, you only need about two sprays.

You can buy Kerbside Violet here for €28,95 / 10g, €53,95 / 30g and €15,95 for the solid version.
The product featured in this post is vegan and cruelty free. 

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