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Review: Klean Kanteen Reflect

In the previous post I wrote about the things I’ve done to create less waste. Switching out plastic water bottles for a reusable one is one of those things. I recently purchased a stainless steel bottle by the brand Klean Kanteen. I had never heard of this brand but the look of the bottle and the fact that there is no plastic in it sold me on it. Here is my review.

The Klean Kanteen Reflect bottle is made from just three materials: stainless steel, bamboo and silicone. The logo on the bottle is actually laser edged so it will never wear off. It is available in 532 and 800 ml.I have the 532 ml one.

I am totally in love with the design of the bottle. It is so simple and sleek. The bamboo lid makes it even classier. I simply like having it close to me.

According to Klean Kanteen the Reflect bottle is made to last a lifetime. Having done my research, I found that other people who have used their Reflect for many years noticed that it does get dented and scratched when handled roughly, but it never breaks, leaks or has other durability problems. Great! I imagine that a slightly dented and scratched Reflect looks pretty cool, so I don’t think this is a negative.

When you open the lid, it makes a squeaky sound that is not the most pleasant of sounds. I will probably get used to this sound when I’ve used it for a longer time, but for now I find it pretty annoying. I recently took it to the cinema with me and it was pretty loud. So far, this the only negative feature I have found.

Because of the durability of this product, I can see myself carrying my Reflect around with me for years and years to come. Because it does not contain any plastic, I don’t have to worry about my drinks being contaminated by toxins. The Klean Kanteen Reflects retails at 30 to 35 euro. This seems expensive at first, but the quality is just so good that it makes up for the price in the long run.


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  • I have 3 Klean Kanteens and I love them. I like the wide-mouth ones so I can get in there and clean them a little better and 2 of mine are insulated. (I have 2 insulated 16oz and one 12oz not-insulated.) I got the cafe cap to switch out so I don’t have to keep unscrewing the cap 100x per day during the summer and I usually just throw the regular cap in my bag in case I need to store the bottle in my bag at any point (it’s small and it’s not a big deal). Thankfully they fixed the rubber rings on their tops – they used to leak a bunch!

    I didn’t plan to have 3 – the 12oz and 16oz were thoughtfully purchased but my 2nd 16oz was an insulated one someone was getting rid of so I took it.

    I still use my Klean Kanteens only for water but not coffee or iced tea since metal picks up those flavors and you taste them forever (I use a mason jar with a Cuppow lid for that stuff). I usually end up bringing a Klean Kanteen to the gym or on days I am walking around a lot of my bottle will be in my bag and need to be closed a majority of the day.