Review Lush Eyes Right Mascara

Today I have another review for you guys. It is about the Eyes Right mascara by Lush. The packaging and ingredients look so different from that of any other mascara I have ever tried. Just look at it! The whole feeling of this product is unique. Let’s see how it performs.

Eyes Right consists mainly of wheat grass and japan wax and aims towards a natural effect. The Ingredients look pretty natural to with the exception of methylparaben. If you have sensitive eyes (or sensitive skin around your eyes), this mascara might be worth looking into. The packaging has an apothecary feel to it. I love the smallness of this product, yet it makes me wonder if there is enough product in there to last me through the three months that it takes for the mascara to expire.

So, this is the effect. The mascara softly adds darkness and a little length. If you are looking for big, voluminous and eye-catching lashes, this mascara won’t be for you. Since the effect is so soft, you need lashes that naturally have some length to them. The brush handle on this mascara is really short. It takes some getting used to in the beginning, but it honestly doesn’t bother me.

I find that Eyes Right wears well throughout the day. It smudges a little bit, but all mascaras tend to do so on me. There is one big catch though, it is extremely non-waterproof. A bit of rain has the ability to create instant panda eyes. Something to keep in mind.

This product is vegan and cruelty free.
You can buy the Eyes Right Mascara at your local Lush counter or at the Lush webshop from you country. It will set you back about € 15,00.

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  • Hmm not the result I was hoping for. But it gives a bit of a natural look. Nice 🙂

  • Ich finde den Effekt doch ganz brauchbar. Kommt eben drauf an, wie stark man die Wimpern pimpen möchte. Dafür, dass man mit Lush eine tolle Qualität hat, finde ich das Ergebnis echt okay. Gruß, Katy