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Review: Lush Fireside Soap

Since obtaining a more minimal lifestyle, the hardest hurdle I found was to stay away from Lush products. I just love Lush so much that I find it difficult to resist the temptation of the new products, especially with the new release of the Christmas collection. Old habits die hard. I told myself it was OK to buy a limited amount of items, much less than I would have previously bought. Fireside soap was one of those products that stood out to me enough to make it on my special list.


Fireside has a beautiful red design with flames running through it. You would expect it to smell like christmas: warm cinnamon, ginger and orange. It does not smell like that at all. Instead it features a scent I’ve never smelled from Lush before. It is kind of hard to describe but here is my attempt: it smells like chestnuts mixed with a woody, smokey scent with a hint of cloves. A very interesting and unique scent that intensifies when used in the shower and lingers on your skin for about 30 minutes after. I find it intoxicating.

Fireside creates an orange lather that is more thick and creamy than fluffy and bubbly. Some Lush soaps do this. It leaves you less squeaky clean than most other Lush soaps. Fireside has some strange rough pieces running through the red parts that crumble off as you use it. I have no idea what these are, but they make the soap somewhat exfoliating.

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