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Review: Lush Pot O’ Gold

Lush launched its Easter line about a week ago. It features cheerful looking bath bombs, carrot-themed products, a rainbow soap and this stunning gold shower jelly. As with other Lush shower jellies, you can use it to wash your body, as a shampoo and to create bath foam. This was the one product from the Eastern line that excited me so much, it had me counting the days for it to come out.

The scent of Pot O’ Gold is a bit difficult to describe but I will give it my best shot. To me, it smells like crème brulée but with a citrus twist to it. Pot O’ Gold contains orange peel, pineapple juice and vanilla. I find the vanilla scent in it pretty strong. The orange gives it a warm element which gets stronger once the product hits the warm water of your shower. I can’t smell the pineapple though. To me, this product has a hint of the Honey I Washed The Kids toffee scent. The orange peel gives it more warmth and depth. I find the scent pretty potent when the product is being used. It lingers on the skin for about an hour.

What I did with Pot O’ Gold, like I do with all my shower jellies, is cut it up into little pieces. This makes it a lot easier to use. With each use I just take one or two pieces, smush them in my loofah, rub the loofah in my hands until it creates lots of lather, and then wash my entire body with it. You do need a good quality loofah to get good results with this technique.

I really like how soft this jelly makes my skin feel. The quality and consistency of Pot O’ Gold is very comparable to that of Sweetie Pie. The fact that is leaves my skin soft and smooth is the main reason why I prefer Lush shower jellies over their soaps. Pot O’ Gold didn’t leave any noticeable gold glitter on my skin. It all washes off nicely.

In order to create bath foam with Pot O’ Gold, I placed a few pieces of it in a tea sifter ball. I then held this under the running water and it created loads of bubbles. The bubbles lasted for a long time as well. I tried this technique with Sweetie Pie and Snowman shower jelly as well, but they didn’t create quality bubbles like this at all.

As you can probably tell by my review, this shower jelly has been worth the wait to me. The scent is very unique, it lathers well in a loofah, leaves my skin very soft and creates lots of quality bubbles in the bath water. I would really recommend looking into it if you like the scent. For 5,95 EUR you can’t beat it. It is about the same price as a bath bomb, but you get countless more uses out of it.

Comparable product: Lush Sweetie Pie
The product featured in this post is vegan and cruelty free.
You can buy Pot ‘O Gold at your local Lush counter for around 6,00 EUR.

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