Review: Lush Prince Charming Showergel

The Lush Valentines collection has now hit the stores and I could not be more excited about it. Last year I missed out on Prince Charming Showergel. I guess I wasn’t enough of a Lushie yet to appreciate the beauty of their limited editions. This year I upped my game and got my hands on it as soon as I got the chance. Here are my thoughts on it…

What I have experienced with Lush shower gels is that I usually don’t like their scents at first sniff. I find that most have a pretty complex scent that you can only fully appreciate once you actually hit the shower with them. This is also the case with Prince Charming. The scent is very layered so it can be a little much to take in at first.

This pretty pink shower gel contains pomegranate juice, marshmallow root, grapefruit oil, vanilla infusion, almond oil and sandalwood. This makes for a fruity but deep scent that reminds me of Happy Hippy and Rose Jam at the same time. Very fresh and perfect for in the mornings.

Prince Charming has a very concentrated formula. It is pretty thick and creates loads of lather, so a little goes a long way. Another great feature of this shower gel is that because of all the oils it contains, it is really moisturizing and is therefore perfect for the current cold (and thus drying) weather.

I would really recommend giving Prince Charming a try. The scent is layered and unique and the luxurious concentrated formula is worth the extra $$. Oh, and if you are interested, don’t wait too long because Prince Charming is only in stores for a little while.

This product is vegan and cruelty free.
You can buy this product here or in your local Lush counter (100g = 7,95 EUR, 250g = 15,95 EUR, 500g = 26,95 EUR).

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