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Review: Lush Sun

The weather has been a little weird in Belgium lately. One day it is cold and rainy and the next day it is ice-cream weather. Usually I like the rain (I especially like the sound of the rain falling on roofs), but the sun from the past few days has been such a pleasant surprise. I want to put some of it in a little box and cherish it forever. When Mark Constantine (Lush co-founder) was creating Sun Perfume, he must have been thinking the same thing. Sun was created in an attempt to recreate “the scent of summer”.

I love pretty much everything about this little bottle. The design of the melting orange pop-sickle on the front and the gold yellow liquid simply scream summer to me. The scent of this perfume is pretty easy to describe. The first, and main thing you smell when you spray it is orange peel. It literately smells like someone is cutting and squeezing oranges right under your nose. Sun also contains sandalwood. This softens the acidity of the orange peels and makes it a real crowd pleaser. It is a very non-complex scent that would appeal to a lot of people. I don’t see how anyone could really dislike this scent (unless they don’t like oranges). I am hooked on Sun. It is perfect as a daytime perfume.

The only big drawback that I found with Sun is that it only lasts about two hours on my skin. This good for people who don’t like overwhelming scents, but I expect Lush perfumes to linger for way longer than that. For that reason, I tend to spray this one pretty royally.

As you can tell, I definitely have some mixed feelings about Sun. The scent is yummy and easy to wear as a simple daytime scent. I also find that it layers well with other Lush scents like Celebrate. Every time that I smell it, it cheers me up a little bit. The lasting power of the perfume really disappointed me though. If I run out of it, and I will, I might try the solid version of Sun. Maybe that one lingers for longer.

You can buy Sun here for €19,95 / 9g, €39,95 / 30g and €11,95 for the solid version.
The product featured in this post is vegan and cruelty free.

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