Review: Lush Sweetie Pie

Today I will be reviewing another one of those innovative shower-products that you can only find at Lush. It is a shower jelly, meaning that its texture is somewhere between that of a soap and a shower gel. It is jiggly, bouncy and sort of reminds me of the weird pudding that you get in the hospital. Lush offers two of these wobbly concoctions permanently: Whoosh (a fresh minty and invigorating jelly) and Sweetie Pie. Sweetie Pie is a soft purple, bergamot and cherry scented blob of sweet goodness packed with coconut, seaweed and cherries. It costs about as much as one bath bomb, yet lasts you a ton of showers.

The jellies come in medium-sized transparent pots that you can bring back to Lush (along with four other empty pots) to obtain a free fresh face mask. Shower jellies are mainly used for washing your body in the shower. There are two methods for doing this, you either break a little piece off and lather it up in a loofah, or you can just take the whole thing and lather it on your body like you would with a bar of soap.

You can also wash your hair with these jellies. You do this by lathering the entire jelly in your hands and then washing your hair with that. Another cool way to use this jelly is as a sort of bubble bar. You can do this by breaking off a pretty large piece of the stuff, put it in a sifter and hold that under the running water. Doesn’t create a ton of bubbles, but it works and it makes your bath all sweet-scented.

So here you can see Sweetie Pie in action. I washed my hair with it once and I am sad to say that it stripped my hair completely. It left my hair feeling way too squeaky clean and I really wouldn’t recommend using this product as a shampoo. I did find it an awesome product for showering with though. It is fun to use, it effectively cleanses the skin and smells awesome. You only need a small amount of jelly to shower with, so this product makes for good value.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product. I think that this is one of the Lush product that gives you the most bang for your buck and I think that the scent would appeal to most people.

You can buy this product for around € 5,55 at your local Lush counter.
This product is cruelty free and vegan.


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