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Review: Dr. Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub

So far, I’ve purchased three products by Dr. Organic: the Tea Tree Face Wash, the Olive Oil Face Mask and the Vitamin E Body Butter. After being really impressed with the quality of all three products, I wanted to try some more. Since I ran out of my usual vegan face scrub a while ago (I used to use Let The Good Times Roll by Lush), I opted for the Rose Otto Face Scrub. It claims to be an anti-aging, cleansing exfoliant that leaves the skin toned, rejuvenated and nourished. Let’s see if it lived up to my high expectations…

Rosso Otto Face Scrub has a creamy consistency with different types of natural exfoliant particles like ground fruit seeds and corn cob powder. Some of the particles are tiny, while others are larger and more visible. The base of the scrub is a mild cream that consists of bioactive ingredients like rose water, aloe vera juice and chamomile. The scrub also contains a lot of oils like rose oil, clove oil and geranium oil and leaves a slightly oily layer after you’ve scrubbed your skin. That way you exfoliate, but don’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry. In other words, softness times two.

The Rose Otto Face Scrub has a very distinct rose-scent to it. I didn’t expect this, as the other Dr. Organic products in my collection have a mild scent to them. The strong scent put me off at first. When I then, eventually tried it for the first time, I used it on my arms in fear of having a bad reaction to it. After that went fine, I switched to using it on my face.

Some of the scrub particles in the Rose Otto Face Scrub are a bit too large, and therefore too rough in my opinion. I would have liked for all the scrub-particles the be the same size as the smallest ones. That would have made for a much milder scrub. As I have pretty sensitive skin and don’t want to irritate it with a harsh scrub, I decided to use this scrub as a body scrub every week and on my face only once every two weeks.

So did the Rose Otto Face Scrub live up my high expectations? Not really, no. Sorry Dr. Organic! I think the overall quality of the formula is great and I love the soft oily layer that it leaves on my skin, but I wanted the scrub particles to be more finely milled and didn’t like the strong rose-scent.

You can buy the Rose Otto Face Scrub by Dr. Organic here for around 9,oo EUR. 
The product featured in this post is vegan and cruelty free. 

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