Review: Sleek Face Contour Kit

I’ve had the Sleek Face Contour Kit for about half a year now so it was about time for me to write a review about it. This product contains a contour powder and a small neutral highlighter. It has received a lot of rave on the internet and is a holy grail product for lots of beauty bloggers. Let’s see how I feel about this product…

The Face Contour Kit comes in the packaging that we are used to from Sleek: black, slim and sturdy plastic. It contains a mirror just like all their powders do.

I bought my Contour Kit in the lightest color (called light). Both the contour powder and highlighter are very smooth and nicely pigmented. They are not too pigmented though (like some of the Sleek blushes are) so they are easy to work with. Both powders blend out easily.

The contour powder is a matte brown with a yellow undertone. A little goes a long way with this. It feels very smooth and high end to me.

I feel like the quality of the highlighter is less good than that of the contour powder. It is not bad but my Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm just blows this one out of the water for me.

You can buy this product at Boots or online for €11.99.
This product is to the best of my knowledge vegan and cruelty free.

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