Review: Sleek Pixie Pink + Flamingo

The pigmentation of Sleek powders is amazing. However, that same amazing pigmentation can create an instant clown-face if not approached with the lightest hand. I therefore have a love/hate relation with some of my Sleek blushes. They are just so easy to overdo and have the potential of ruining your entire look. That is why I went to a store in Antwerp that sells Sleek blushes and swatched them all. I came home with Flamingo and Pixie Pink. These two blushes seemed to have the most ‘workable’ opacity.

Pixie Pink is a matte Barbie pink with blue undertones. It creates a very healthy looking flush on the cheeks. This blush feels soft to the touch, but isn’t crumbly at all. 

I felt like Pixie Pink could be a dupe of my beloved Pink Passion by Eyes Lips Face, so I paired them side by side. Pixie Pink is a bit darker and more vivid than Pink Passion.

Flamingo is a vivid pink/coral color with a slight cool toned shimmer. This color has a real happy vibe to it. The texture of Flamingo is a lot softer than that of Pixie Pink, which makes it more pigmented, but also makes it a bit crumbly. 

To me, Flamingo is like a way more pigmented MAC Dollymix (sadly not cruelty free nor vegan). It also looks a hell of a lot like Candy Floss from the Sweet Cheeks palette (which is not vegan due to beeswax in the cream blush). 

Sleek blushes come in sturdy black packaging with a mirror included. This could be the makeup geek in me, but I love how Sleek products look stacked up in my stash. There is just something about that … Out of the two, I love Pixie Pink the most. It is quite unique in my stash and goes well with my new fondness for girly looks.

You can buy Sleek blushes here for  € 5.49.
The products reviewed in this post are vegan and cruelty free. 

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