Review The balm to the Rescue – Vegan lip treatment

The other day I was walking around in Ghent and discovered an awesome beauty shop that sells The Balm. Browsing through their products, I found this vegan lip balm cased in regular powder packaging, something I had never seen before. From the lovely texture to the paw prints on the packaging, I knew this would be a good buy.

The texture of this reminded me of None Of Your Beeswax by Lush. It is hard at first but becomes buttery when it warms up. This balm is packed with natural oils and waxes like jojoba, shea butter, olive oil, candelilla wax,… It also contains peppermint oil which makes the product smell fresh and minty.

The packaging from this balm is pretty much the same as that from their Mary and Betty-Lou Manizers. You get 7,08 grams of product here which is pretty good for a lip balm. You also get a nice mirror in the compact which makes this product a good purse companion. You can do a teeth checkup after a pesto pasta and moisturize your lips. Multifunctional.

The Balm claims that ‘ALL net proceeds from the Balm to the Rescue are donated to Pug Rescue’. Not sure if this is true, but I will take their word on that. Pugs happen to be one of my favorite dog breeds with their wrinkly faces and pig-like manners.

Pugs aside, I really like how this product performs. It is not as shiny as most lip balms and feels light on the lips. I feel like this balm is going to last me forever and is definitely worth the money.

This product is vegan and cruelty free.
You can buy it for about € 14,00.

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