Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

About a month ago, I first found out about the existence of the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream by The Body Shop. The vegan formulation, affordable price and pale-looking color of 01 really spoke to me so I bought it. The Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream is supposed to hide the appearance of blemishes as well as help get rid of them. Let’s see what this product is like shall we…

The BB Cream comes in a small green squeeze tube and contains 40 ml of product. The opening where the actual product comes out is a bit too large but other than that I like the packaging.

The color of 01 is neutral with a hint of yellow undertones. It would be light enough for pale skin, but too dark for really pale skin. It also oxidizes a bit throughout the day and becomes a little bit darker.

The scent of this product is pretty strong. For me it’s not a problem but if you don’t like how tea tree smells, the scent of the BB Cream might really put you off.

I am very impressed with the texture and coverage of this BB Cream. You really don’t need a lot to hide basic discoloration and even out the skin-tone. The BB Cream applies nicely with a brush or beauty sponge, but is also great to apply with your fingers. I have found myself doing that a lot during days where I have to study and I loved it.

no makeup – wearing the BB Cream

As you might be able to tell that the BB Cream on its own is a little bit too dark for me. I therefore tend to mix it in with a paler BB cream or foundation to lighten it up.

Overall I like this product and find myself reaching for it a lot. The coverage, longevity and texture really impressed me.


  • Good coverage
  • Easy no fuss product
  • Good for acne-prone skin
  • Wears well
  • Budget proof (only € 8,00)


  • Strong scent
  • Only three color options
  • No SPF

You can buy this product at your local The Body Shop for € 8,00.
This product is cruelty free (even though the parent company from The Body Shop isn’t) and vegan.  

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