Review: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

I may have been a bit theBalm obsessed lately. After purchasing Bahama Mama, the Vegan Lip Treatment and Sexy Mama, I finally caved for the now more famous than ever Mary-Lou Manizer. This is a gold toned glowy highlighter that can double as an eyeshadow. That all sounds great but is Mary-Lou really worth the hype?

Let’s kick this review off by talking about the packaging. Mary-Lou has a ‘cute’ prison-theme going on. It features a Marilyn look-a-like that is supposedly charged for being too pretty and too popular. Not a bad charge in my opinion. This luminizer comes in the same packaging as the Vegan Lip Treatment. The glue that holds the pan and the plastic packaging together could be a bit stronger. The glue of my Vegan Lip Treatment didn’t hold the pan in place right, so I had to superglue the two parts together again. I’ve read that the same thing happened to a lot of people’s Mary-Lou Manizers. That is a bummer since a powder might break when the pan loosens. Faulty glue aside, I do like the girly design of the product. It is fun, looks good in my collection and contains a decent mirror.

The texture of Mary-Lou is sort of a hybrid between a powder and a cream. It’s extremely soft and pigmented so a little goes a long way. Since you are getting 8,5 grams (!!) of actual product, it should last you way past its expiry date. The fact that this powder can double as an all-over-lid color and the big mirror makes this an attractive companion for traveling. I would however not recommend this because Mary-Lou is fragile due to it’s softness. Everybody hates a powder disaster in their makeup bag. Especially with a powder as beautiful as this one.

It is a beautiful highlighter. I love the fact that it is glowy, not shimmery. The glow can be a bit intense, so be wary and choose a brush with sparse hairs if you are in the market for an everyday look. For evening looks, I would say go all out and shine on that dance floor.

When applied with the right brush (like a stippling brush, or a brush with sparser hairs) Mary-Lou can look very natural and radiant. This highlighter made me discover nose highlighting, something I never liked before. The reason for that is that Mary-Lou doesn’t make my skin look oily. It creates more of a dewy glow which is quite flattering.

You get my point, I love this product. Works great for cheekbones, inner corners and nose bridges. It packs the intensity of a liquid, but comes with the ease of a powder and with the right brush, you can easily create a glowy, radiant look.

You can buy Mary-Lou Manizer here for 17,30 EUR.
The product featured in this post is vegan and cruelty free.

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