Review Tweezerman Tweezers

If you would ask a beauty blogger/vlogger/makeup artist what the best tweezers are, the answer would be ‘Tweezerman’. These award winning tweezers are available in several sizes, colors and prints and are claimed to be the best out there. One tweezer is supposed to last you a lifetime. With all this raving you can understand why I had high expectations about these brow pluckers.

The main difference between these tweezers and normal tweezers is that Tweezerman tweezers are extremely sharp. I’m talking knife-like sharp here. The sharpness enables you to work with precision and remove small or ingrown hairs quickly. They make the plucking job easier, quicker and less painful. They quickly became my stray hairs’ worst enemy.

I have two tweezers, one for traveling and one for home. The red one is the Original Slant Tweezer in Signature Red and the smaller one is the Mini Slant in Green Tea. The only difference between the two is that since the Original Slant Tweezer is bigger, it is easier to hold and therefore slightly easier to work with. If you are doubting between these two tweezers because of the price difference, I would say go for the Mini, it is cheaper and the quality of these tweezers is in the tip (which is basically the same).

You can buy these tweezers here. The Original Slant Tweezers cost $22.00 and the Mini Slants cost $12.50.

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