Review: Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipstick

I’ve been ill with the flu all week and now finally feel good enough to sit down and write another post. You won’t believe how happy this makes me. Even though I’ve only been sick for a week, I feel so happy to be able to sit up again, eat some toast and drink a little water. Anyway, today I celebrate this by writing about something beautiful: the Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipsticks. This is a fairly new line of lipsticks that is made to be long wearing, creamy and very pigmented. All shades are vegan.

The packaging of these lipsticks is beautifully done. They close magnetically and are heavier than your average lipstick. This makes them feel very high-end and makes them look great in your makeup collection.

The formulation of the lipsticks is very well thought out as well. They are extremely pigmented, so a even thin layer gives opaque coverage. Very impressive! The lipsticks also stain the lips a little bit, so they stay on for a few hours. After that, you might want to do some touchups in the ladies room.

The colors that I’ve purchased are Cooling Passion, a cool toned true red, and Floral Crown, a bright cool toned pink. The quality is consistent in both. I do have some issues with the color range of the Luxe Cream Lipsticks. These two colors seem to be the ONLY cool toned lipsticks from all six colors. The others all seem quite peachy to me. The actual colors of my lipsticks are also much more bright than the pictures on the Zoeva webshop. If you want one of these lipsticks I would therefore recommend that you Google Image the color first.

I am really impressed with the quality and packaging of the Luxe Cream Lipsticks. Zoeva has succesfully created a luxurious lipstick for drugstore pricing. These lipsticks could have easily been high-end. Very well done! The only thing that I am not too happy about is the color range, it just isn’t diverse enough.

The products featured in this post are vegan and cruelty free.
You can buy the Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipsticks here for 8,50 EUR.

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  • These look amazing! I actually really like the “Cooling Passion”, I think it look really pretty! xx

    • Thanks for the comment! Cooling Passion is my favorite of the two as well 🙂