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February Favorites

It might be a little late for me to start writing this post because March is already here, but I am going to do it anyway. I’ve discovered some really good products in February. Some of them I have already reviewed and others are new to this blog. My favorites feature some gorgeous make-up items and as per usual Lush products make an appearance as well. On to the products. Continue Reading


December Favorites

It has been ages since I have done a favorites of the month article, so I decided it was about time for an update. Those of you that have been following me on Instagram (my username there is blackluckblog) should have noticed that I have gotten really into Lush lately. Their scents, skin care innovations and clear stand against animal testing have sucked me right in and I have become a bit of a hoarder. Because of that, my current favorites might include a bit of a Lush overload (just warning you). Other than that, I have become more into cooking thanks to a certain cookbook, but more on that later. Let’s get on to my favorites of december. Continue Reading


Favorites of June, the vegan edition

Oh yes, finally a new post! I have indeed been a bad blogger. My excuse: I had an exhibition this month that required my full attention. The good news: it is now rounded up so I can go back to my usual sporadic blogging ways. My first post-stress article will be a chit-chat about my favorites of the month. It will feature only vegan products.

Continue Reading