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Review: Lush Pot O’ Gold

Lush launched its Easter line about a week ago. It features cheerful looking bath bombs, carrot-themed products, a rainbow soap and this stunning gold shower jelly. As with other Lush shower jellies, you can use it to wash your body, as a shampoo and to create bath foam. This was the one product from the Eastern line that excited me so much, it had me counting the days for it to come out. Continue Reading


Review: Lush Sweetie Pie

Today I will be reviewing another one of those innovative shower-products that you can only find at Lush. It is a shower jelly, meaning that its texture is somewhere between that of a soap and a shower gel. It is jiggly, bouncy and sort of reminds me of the weird pudding that you get in the hospital. Lush offers two of these wobbly concoctions permanently: Whoosh (a fresh minty and invigorating jelly) and Sweetie Pie. Sweetie Pie is a soft purple, bergamot and cherry scented blob of sweet goodness packed with coconut, seaweed and cherries. It costs about as much as one bath bomb, yet lasts you a ton of showers. Continue Reading