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Review: Lush Sweetie Pie

Today I will be reviewing another one of those innovative shower-products that you can only find at Lush. It is a shower jelly, meaning that its texture is somewhere between that of a soap and a shower gel. It is jiggly, bouncy and sort of reminds me of the weird pudding that you get in the hospital. Lush offers two of these wobbly concoctions permanently: Whoosh (a fresh minty and invigorating jelly) and Sweetie Pie. Sweetie Pie is a soft purple, bergamot and cherry scented blob of sweet goodness packed with coconut, seaweed and cherries. It costs about as much as one bath bomb, yet lasts you a ton of showers. Continue Reading


Quick Tip: Yves Rocher Shower Gel

Today’s post will be a quicky. I wanted to give a shout-out to the Yves Rocher shower gels. They are now on sale (almost the whole store is -50%) and go for EUR 1,50 each. Most of them are PH-neutral and none of them are drying. They come in cheerful scents like grapefruit and lotus and do linger a bit. There are a lot of different scents available, so everyone will find one that they are fond of. A pleasant product suitable for penny pinchers.

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