A Vegan Alternative To Ruby Woo

About a year ago, I decided not to eat any animal derived ingredients anymore. Food was the first big step for me. Once I felt comfortable with that, I slowly started searching for vegan non-food products like toothpaste, shoes, floor cleaner,… A slow process. Now, after almost a year, changes must be made in my makeup and skincare stash. Finding replacements for the staples in my collection is my main priority here. With that in mind I started the hunt for classy red lip akin to my beloved Ruby Woo. For that, I paid a visit to my local Lush.

The thing with Lush is this, they have so much choice when it comes to skincare that the makeup stand looks meager in my opinion. They have a few cool-looking products like some of the cream eye shadows, the ‘natural’ mascara and tiny jar of setting powder. However the colors seem a bit off to me, think dark brown or vibrant lilac lipstick, bright yellow eye shadow (base) and unusual skin tints. Great if you can pull it off, but no so great if you are looking for something wearable. Luckily they did have a gorgeous vibrant red with blue/purple shimmer named Decisive.

I really like the consistency of Decisive. It is light in texture yet super opaque. One swipe gives you full opacity. Amazing! I also really like the color. As you can tell from the swatches, Decisive is a tad cooler than Ruby Woo. In the jar, Decisive has very visible blue/purple shimmer. Once applied to the lips, you don’t see the sparkles anymore but you can tell that the shine on the lips has a blue tone. The lady in the Lush store told me that Decisive is good for making your teeth look whiter and I have to agree with that. The packaging of this lipstick looks really cool but I bet I won’t be able to get all the product out.

When it comes to longevity, Decisive scores mediocre to good. The color stays put fairly well and actually stains the lips. The lipstick has one flaw though. After a few hours of wear, the lipstick gets in the little lines right above my lips and in the corners of my mouth. Not so bad if you have the ability to maintain your lipstick with a little mirror and if you can do a reapplication every couple of hours. Blotting also helps prevent this.

Overall I was mainly impressed by the pigmentation of this lipstick. The color is also gorgeous and I really like the texture. Sadly, this is the only color from the lipstick line at Lush that appealed to me.

You can buy Decisive at your Lush counter for 17,95 €.

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