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One the things that bummed me out when I went vegan was the lack of vegan beauty boxes in Belgium. Luckily we now have a few options available that send internationally. Vegan Cuts is one of those. Each month they make a selection of four to seven beauty products (some samples, some travel sized and some full sized) that you receive right at your doorstep. The boxes include popular vegan brands like Pacifica, Lush and LVX but they also feature unique small scale brands. That way the products are diverse and unexpected. Let’s see what my first Vegan Cuts box has to offer…

The first product I found in the box was the Becca & Mars Lavender Love Mask and Scrub. I had never heard of the brand before so I was extremely curious to find out what it was like. With the product came a little note with instructions on how to use it. It said to mix the powder with 1/2 tbs of liquid until a creamy paste forms. To use it as you scrub you rub the paste in circular motions and then rinse. To use it as a mask you simply apply the paste and let it dry.

When I tried this product as a mask I found that my skin looked a little less red after using it. It didn’t find it hydrating nor cleansing. When I tried it later as a facial scrub, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. It removed almost all of my dry (winter)flakes. The fact that this products comes in a powder form that you then have to mix in with water makes it feel really fresh and clean.

The box also contained a vibrant looking nail file with the Vegan Cuts logo. I would have preferred another product, but nail files always come in handy to me, so it definitely won’t go to waste.

I was happy to find a beautiful nail polish from BellaPierre in my Vegan Cuts box. It is deep cherry red called English RED. It doesn’t contain formaldehyde or other crappy ingredients. I really like how classic the color is once applied. It needs two to tree layers and dries pretty quickly.

To me the star of the box: Delizioso Skincare Natural Cream Blush in Outrageous. This is a tiny jar containing a hot pink uber pigmented blush. I don’t think that I have ever seen a cream blush this pigmented before (one could say it is outrageously pigmented). Because of this insane pigmentation a little dab in the pot is all you need for a decent rosy flush on each cheek. A very good product that will last ages. Would definitely recommend.

Lastly the box contained a tiny sample of 21 Drops in Focus. This a blend of essential oils. When I smell this, I mostly get rosemary. The scent reminds me a bit of Deep Sleep, Stress Less by This Works. You are supposed to apply the oil on pressure point like your wrists, neck and temples. The scent of this is pretty strong, but I find the sample size of this product a tad too small to give more of a review about it.

The box also came with a North Coast Organics Spray Lotion (lavender scented) but that one sadly arrived broken.

All in all I really like the product selection of the December Vegan Cuts box. The BellaPierre nail polish and Delizioso cream blush are my favorites. I will use all of the products in here, so to me the value of this box is really good.

All products featured in this article are vegan and cruelty free.
You can order the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box here for 17,00 EUR. They also do a vegan snack box which is worth checking out too.


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  • I wish I got that red! I got the copper brown and ended up having to use a glitter topcoat to make it more to my liking. I also really liked the blush.