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Went to Berlin and bought a few things

Hi there readers. Because I haven’t posted in a while, I wanted to give you guys an update on how I’ve been getting along. Last week, I travelled to Berlin. I wandered about in parks, visited WW II memorials, ate a ton of vegan food, visited art museums, walked a lot and did some shopping. What a beautiful city it is!

I was really amazed at how ‘mainstream’ veganism is in Berlin. There were so many vegan food places that we had a hard time deciding where to go. There even was a completely vegan supermarket called Veganz, aka vegan heaven, in the same street as our hotel. Shopping for vegan beauty products in Berlin was like a dream come true. They have a drugstore called DM that sells so many affordable vegan beauty goodies, I almost fainted. I am not used to having so much choice!

The main brand that I was interested in was P2. This is a budget makeup brand with lots of vegan options. All these options are listed on the DM website (link here), you can just click on a product, then click on ‘Productdetails’ and if it says ‘… ist vegan’, you are good to go. Almost all P2 products are priced somewhere between 1,50 and 4,50 euro. The above picture shows some of the P2 display in one of the DM stores. I got slapped on the wrist by a lady who worked there while I was taking the picture. She said something like ‘Keine fotos machen!’ (meaning ‘Don’t take pictures!’), so posting this picture might be illegal. Oh the lengths I go to for you guys… 🙂

Another brand that interested me was Alverde. I already owned a mascara from them that I got from a German friend, and I was interested in discovering more products in their range. Alverde is more a ‘green’ type of brand and the pricing is about the same as that of P2 products. All vegan products by Alverde clearly have a V (from vegan) printed on the back of the products. Clear as a crystal.

Before I went to the DM store, I made a list of all the interesting looking products, but when I got to see and touch the actual products I got completely overwhelmed. I think that being vegan for over two years has made me unable to make snap decisions when it comes to things like this. After lots of doubting, money counting and several visits to different DM counters, I gathered this group of products. Because I traveled by plane, I couldn’t buy fluids over 100 ml, and on top of that, I was very limited in weight as well. That is why I ended up buying mostly makeup items.

The first things I picked up were these products by Alverde. I was in desperate need of a new mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow base, so I picked up one of each. I’ve used the eyeliner, creatively named ‘Liquid Eyeliner‘ a few times now and don’t really like the formula, it is very crumbly once dried. The actual applicator is problematic as well to me. It is hard and scratchy, and difficult to draw a precise line with. So far, I am not impressed by this product.

The Eye Catcher Mascara is luckily a product that I like better. It is a standard black mascara that works pretty well on my lashes. The formula is a little clumpy though. The eyeshadow base I bought by Alverde (in German it is called Lidschattenbasis) might be a really good products. The formula reminds me a lot of the non-vegan eyeshadow base by Urban Decay that I used to use. I can’t comment on it a lot because I’ve only used it once, but we might get along just fine!

Alverde also has an extensive line of hair-and-skincare products. I bought a backup roll-on deodorant from the sensitive line. It contains Aloe Vera and has a soft and powdery fragrance to it.

DM also a carries a brand called Ebelin. It’s DM’s house brand. They have all types of makeup applicators and beauty tools like tweezers and nail files. The brushes come in little pouches and are clearly labeled vegan. I think that they also have a non-vegan line of brushes with black hair, but I might be wrong about that one.

I picked up three of these brushes, a Blender brush for blending eye-shadow in my crease, a 3 in 1 Eyebrow-and-Eyelash brush for lining my eyes and finally a Makeup + Concealer brush because I was intrigued by its shape. They all felt a bit stiff at first, but after having used them a few times they loosened up and gotten softer. So far, I am especially impressed by the Blender brush. A really good soft eye-shadow brush for smoothing out eye-shadow.

Next up: P2 products. P2 had a limited edition line called Just Dream Like that offered heart shaped Trio Blushes very similar to the likes of the Too Faced Sweethearts Blush. Dare I say a dupe? I can’t wait to compare the two side by side. Another multi-colored blush type of product I picked up is the Multi-Blush Cheeks + Lip Color. This looks like a vegan version/dupe of the Benefit Fine One One. It contains an orange, a hot pink and a highlighter.

I was pretty disappointed when I found out that P2 doesn’t sell vegan lipsticks. They only sell Liquid Lipstick. The one that I bought is a my-lips-but-better color in the shade Charming Trial. It feels more like a lip-gloss than a lipstick to me though.

Because I seem to go trough face powder like tofu, I bought a backup finishing powder called Refine + Prime All-Over Loose Powder. Hopefully this one will last me a while.

I bought the same type of trio that I bought from Alverde from P2; eyeliner, mascara and eye-shadow base. The 100% Black Easy Liner is a whole lot better than the little one from Alverde. The brush allowed for easy application and the formula is smooth and doesn’t start to crumble after a few hours. I am keeping the mascara that I bought, called Volume Booster, unopened for now, so I can’t comment on it yet, I don’t even know what the brush looks like.

The Refine + Prime Eyeshadow Base from P2 has a similar formula than the eye-shadow base from Alverde. The only thing I immediately noticed was the difference in color. The P2 one is less transparent and darker. It looks a little orange on my eyelids.

The last products I bought were all eye-shadow items. All neutrals. I bought a little palette called Shades of Nude to take with me when I travel. It contains really good basic colors to create a sophisticated eye look. I also picked up three single eye-shadows from the Color Up! range. Among them a simple all-over-lid color called Chilling Beach, a shimmery pinky taupe called Just Wish Away and a matte white called Free Spirit. All of them are smooth and swatch well. The last product I picked up was the Forever Intense eye-shadow cream in Just The Two Of Us, a shimmery pink all over-lid-color. I have not used it yet.

Et voila, those were all of the products that I brought with me from Berlin. I really hope that this post wasn’t too long. I plan on separately reviewing a few of my favorites, but if you want to see a review about a specific product please let me know in the comments.

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  • veganbeautystudio

    Great article! Berlin is seriously like vegan heaven (Leipzig and Hamburg are awesome as well in that respect). It’s so interesting to read your opinions on these products, which I honestly sometimes do sort of take for granted since they’re so readily available here in Germany… p2/alverde tend to be a little hit-or-miss though, but that’s the case for most brands in that price range 😉 You were right about the black ebelin brushes by the way, those are made of animal hair.

    xoxo Kat

    • Hi Kat, thank you so much for your comment! Great to get feedback on this from someone who really knows these brands. I have a question for future reference: are there brands in Germany that sell vegan lipsticks? I came across the ones by Beauty Without Cruelty in Veganz, but couldn’t find more.

      Thanks again!

      • veganbeautystudio

        well, p2 releases limited edition collections a couple of times per year, and those tend to include vegan lipsticks fairly often. Another brand that comes to mind is alva coleur, which is an organic, vegan-friendly brand. They don’t have a huge range of shades though :-/