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Zero waste: Where I’m at

Let’s get one thing clear; I am at the beginning of my zero waste journey. I’ve cut out plastic here and there but I still have a long way to go. My method is to take it one step at a time. Here are the changes I’ve made and what I’ve yet to do.

  • Personal care

When it comes to my personal care products, I’ve made some big steps in the right direction. I’ve replaced disposable cotton rounds with reusable ones, opted for a solid toothpaste and went zero waste with my period. I am currently in the process of using up all my packaged showergel, skincare, etc. I plan to use only solid products in the future, like soaps, massage bars etc.

  • Makeup

This is a bit of a difficult one. I am still using the eyeshadows and powdered products I had from when I had never heard of zero waste. As for products I’ve purchased new, I went mostly for more eco-friendly brands like Bo-Ho Cometics and Benecos. These do still have packaging though. What I also find really difficult is foundation cialis generika rezeptfrei. I have very, very pale skin, so it is difficult enough to find a foundation for me as is, but finding a vegan one that is zero waste as well seems impossible. I am currently using a tinted moisturizer by theBalm.

  • Household products

So far, I’ve switched my laundry detergent for a zero waste one that I buy in a local zero waste shop and have cut out laundry softener, so my laundry products are completely zero waste now. When I finish my current dish soap, I will be switching it out for a zero waste one as well. I also want to start cleaning with vinegar, but can’t seem to find a place that sells it without the plastic packaging.

  • Grocery shopping

I find grocery shopping to be the most difficult thing to reduce my waste with. Vegetables are easy, just take some cloth bags with you and buy the ones that don’t have plastic on them. Things like herbs are more difficult. They always come in a plastic wrapping. Growing my own is also not an option as I don’t have a garden and my cats love eating and destroying herbs.

When it comes to food that isn’t vegetables, I find it even more difficult to go packaging-free. Sure, you can buy foods like nuts and cereals at the bulk bins, but what about things like tofu, butter, yoghurt, puff pastry… It is nearly impossible to find these things without their packaging. It seems like the only way to go zero waste with my food is to adjust what I eat to what I can find packaging-free.

  • General

I only drink water from my Brita Filter and recycle the filter when I’m done using it and I take my Klean Kanteen water bottle with me everywhere I go. I do still consume non dairy milk from cartons. I now have a stainless steel straw to drink from when I am feeling fancy.

I freeze my compost and have found a place in the city to dispose of it.

As you can tell, I still have a long long way to go. When it come to household and personal care, the main thing now is to use up the products I have and replace them zero waste options. Makeup will take more time since using up what I have will take a lot longer. I am currently in the process of simplifying my makeup routine, so that should help.

Zero wasting my grocery shopping might be the most difficult thing to do. I will probably find ways to get things like zero waste herbs and will be going to more different shop to find certain zero waste foods, but I honestly don’t think I will ever be completely zero waste. Time will tell.

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